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For some time now we have been revelling in the light and modernity of stark, white kitchens. Hard, polished granite juxtaposed against glass and painted white wood. Now let us welcome back the colourful Kitchen. A space where we can celebrate rich blues contrasting with Cadmium reds and where original stone floors clash wonderfully with zinc worktops. Embrace a bohemian kitchen, hang large, abstract paintings on your walls and live in a space that offers inspiration to your day.



A stunning kitchen with plenty of colour, featuring an unusual zinc worktop.

IMG_1746 IMG_1731

Many people don’t realise one of our specialities is restoration. We have been working on this door which will sit in the billiard room of a 200 year old manor we have been renovating. This door has been crafted in Mahogany with ebony detailing.


Meet Jezz and James, our new highly skilled team members, who will be helping to handcraft the furniture produced here at Tim Jasper.

We are excited to show off their creative skill sets and show you the bespoke kitchen they are currently working on. 

Watch this space!


  • “You have finished the kitchen and it has become such a wonderful room! Thank you for all the advice and thoughts you have put into it, we absolutely love it!”

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