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Aquarius, Trudy Redferns stunning driftwood horse has returned to the Tim Jasper barn where he was created. The beautiful sculpture paid tribute to the horses of the war and marked Armistice day alongside the sculptor Vincent Gray, who created a life-size model of Maurice Pattern, a soldier in The Royal Sussex Regiment who died of his wounds in 1916. Both sculptures were presented in a moving memorial on the 11th in front of cascading poppies created by local school children.

Aquarius can be viewed by appoinment at Tim Jasper and is still looking for a home, a collection has begun to raise funds for the horse to be cast in bronze. 



Beautifully crafted in hardwood with a lead roof, this Edwardian style extension features a solid timber tongue and groove interior, and is part of a complete renovation of this grade 11 listed farmhouse including a stunning kitchen. The kitchen features granite and solid oak surfaces with a durable oil finish, hand painted hardwood doors, and polished oak interiors.

This bespoke kitchen was installed in what had been the garage (remember when cars wouldn’t work unless they were cossetted overnight?). Built to our usual high standards using premium fittings and high quality hardwoods, this kitchen features a whopping larder cabinet, ventilated to the outside for coolness, and a huge island ith drawers on one side and seating for a growing family on the other. Needless to say our clients are delighted!


What a challenge! The kitchen in this wonderful grade 11 listed watermill was octagonal, the walls leant away at an angle and there were a couple of huge pillars in the centre. Undaunted we came up with what we modestly think is a fantastic layout, exploiting the unusual shape and angles. The finishes, fittings and design reflected the buildings industrial past, with raw oak, copper and traditional marble surfaces, a commercial rangecooker, and handpainted hardwood cabinets.

Made entirely in birch plywood with exposed edges, this apparently simple but actually complex kitchen perfectly complements its setting with an 18th century ex naval building in the heart of the Portsmouth dockyard.  Featuring ingenious pull out refrigerators we maximimised every inch (or centimetre) of space, and created a strong horizontal effect with thick stainless steel surfaces and a full length shelf containing discreet LED lighting


Sautéed wild mushrooms


In a large pan heat a tablespoon of butter and a tablespoon of good oil. Add 2oz sliced onions and soften. Remove the onions from the pan. Heat the pan till hot but not smoking add 12oz sliced and cleaned wild mushrooms or a mixture of wild and cultivated. Stir fry quickly and simmer off any residual moisture. Add a good splash of brandy, or fortified wine. Add back the onions and a ¼ pint crème fraiche or double cream, season with S+pepper and some chopped chives, tarragon or parsley, warm through. . Serve with toasted bread, on rice or in a pastry case.


This hand painted hardwood kitchen with oak interiors and quartz worktops sits within a lovely Regency villa. The large cabinet conceals a fridge in the centre and freezer in the bottom right hand corner. The unique fretwork design reflects a fine piece of Gustavian furniture belonging to the owner.


The Generations exhibition at the Valdoe has kicked off and looks fantastic. Linked by nature the three artists collections tie in wonderfully with one another. The exhibition is available to view until the 28th October.

Come along to a conversation with Miranda on Thursday 20th November. Hosted by Tim Sandys-Renton, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at the University of Chichester at 6.30pm.


A successful evening with Nik at the helm, demonstrating how exciting mushrooms can be.

View the events section of the site for Nik’s next cookery extravaganza!

dsc_0006 dsc_0009 dsc_0005

Learn how to wow your guests with Nik Westacott’s exciting Christmas menu. Nik will demonstrate 3 canapés, 3 tapas, 3 mains and 3 miniature desserts.

To follow Nik will cook guests a 3 course supper.

To start: Warm leek, bacon and mushroom salad in a mulled wine dressing.
Main: Turkey escalope in a cranberry and chestnut dressing served with potato gratin
Dessert: Mincemeat filo parcel


Nik Westacott, Chef, Catering and Mushroom expert, well known in Chichester for his Restaurant, Platters, Charity Work and Cookery Demonstrations, now runs a stylish Bed and Breakfast and small Bistro style Restaurant in Fishbourne, just outside Chichester.

Nik does one to one Cookery Lessons, outside Catering for small parties or large events, Cookery Demonstrations, and seasonal Mushroom Hunts.


Toadstools and Fungi.. let Nik Westacott lead you through the mystery of cooking with wild mushrooms.

Nik will show examples of fungi found locally then give a cookery demonstration on 3 dishes using wild mushrooms.

The dishes will be; Soup, Fricassee and Chicken forestiere.


A three course supper by Nik will follow


Provencale mushroom gratin

Chicken Forestiere

Chocolate walk in the woods!


Nik Westacott Bio


Nik Westacott, Chef, Catering and Mushroom expert, well known in Chichester for his Restaurant, Platters, Charity Work and Cookery Demonstrations, now runs a stylish Bed and Breakfast and small Bistro style Restaurant in Fishbourne, just outside Chichester.

Nik does one to one Cookery Lessons, outside Catering for small parties or large events, Cookery Demonstrations, and seasonal Mushroom Hunts.



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Appliance Cabinets

Coffee machines, food processors, Nutri bullets. We love our appliances and with more gadgets coming to the market we need to find somewhere to put them. The only issue is do we want them cluttering our worktops and distroying the clean, linear flow of the kitchen? The answer is No! We want them tucked away and easily accessible when we need our coffee and toast in the morning. So let me introduce the appliance cabinet. With the option of having a roll down front, bi fold doors, pull out shelves, there are tons of options to keep the kitchen neat.

kitchen design solution

Make Corners Count

Make sure you are using every inch of your kitchen by utilising the corners. Corner cabinets, corner drawers and curved cabinets will all mazimise your space.

top tips - corners

Internal Drawers

Rummaging through larders packed with food and freezer chests where one can only wonder what lies at the bottom can be a thing of the past. Bring drawers into your kitchen design and restore order.

top tips - internal drawers



Each of us are different, we lead individual lifestyles and therefore have very individual needs when it comes our kitchens. Expressing yourself through a kitchen is a wonderful and exciting thing, once you begin to push through the confines of the mass produced market you will find you can let your creativity flourish.




Using Zinc and Pewter gives a brilliant industrial feel to your kitchen and elevates it from the ordinary kitchen stereotype. A work surface or shelf becomes a piece of sculpture in your home.




Bring in colour and the space transforms. Vibrant and warm you can give it a personality that reflects your own.




Whatever path you choose we can guarantee that a kitchen built by Tim Jasper will be a original as you are.

Mark Haley creates stunning, bespoke boxes out of beautiful timbers.

Prices start at £60

Here at Tim Jasper we are lucky to have such fantastic craftsmen working for us, so during this years Chichester Art Trail we put their furniture on display for the public to see.

This selection of beautiful handmade furniture is still available to view in our Goodwood showroom.

jez partridge - selection of work

mark haley - selection of work

Designing Creatively in Wood – UK designer maker with a passion for creating bespoke furniture using traditional methods alongside new technologies.

jez partridge - golden table

jez partridge - reclining chair


This open plan barn conversion is designed with entertaining in mind. Meile appliances and a Sub Zero fridge and freezer are hidden away behind hand painted, oak lined doors. Black granite work tops are perfectly balanced with eggshell cabinets and look wonderful alongside the fashionable butler sink and electric Aga. This kitchen is built to be the focal point of this stunning barn and is brought together with two freestanding cabinets that match the main kitchen.



Nick Westacott dazzled guests with his cooking skills in a demonstration  ‘How to cook with game’. Using our very own show kitchen the restauranteur showed us how to take on the meat and produced a selection of knock out dishes that could be made at home.

To get involved in our future demo’s email info@timjasper.co.uk



For some time now we have been revelling in the light and modernity of stark, white kitchens. Hard, polished granite juxtaposed against glass and painted white wood. Now let us welcome back the colourful Kitchen. A space where we can celebrate rich blues contrasting with Cadmium reds and where original stone floors clash wonderfully with zinc worktops. Embrace a bohemian kitchen, hang large, abstract paintings on your walls and live in a space that offers inspiration to your day.



A stunning kitchen with plenty of colour, featuring an unusual zinc worktop.

IMG_1746 IMG_1731

Many people don’t realise one of our specialities is restoration. We have been working on this door which will sit in the billiard room of a 200 year old manor we have been renovating. This door has been crafted in Mahogany with ebony detailing.


Meet Jezz and James, our new highly skilled team members, who will be helping to handcraft the furniture produced here at Tim Jasper.

We are excited to show off their creative skill sets and show you the bespoke kitchen they are currently working on. 

Watch this space!



This renovated Sussex kitchen features hand painted Maple doors and fascias, with oak interiors. Porcelain tiles, with glass mosaics behind the SMEG cooker act as an exciting centerpiece amidst clean white cabinets and black, honed granite worktops. A Burmese Teak draining board was incorporated to the right of the large ceramic butler sink.

To open the space out we created an opening between the kitchen and dining room and used shutters to bring more light into the North facing kitchen. We also opened up to kitchen into the conservatory putting on a solid roof and improving the joinery to create a light and a relaxing space. We ran eletric under floor heating throughout and replaced the backdoor leading to the conservatory with a pair of glazed doors.




This kitchen in a listed but tired stable conversion dating from the 1980’s features hand painted Maple doors and fascias, with oak interiors. The narrow dark room was opened up into the freshly refurbished conservatory and a counter level opening with clever bifold shutters formed into the adjacent dining room to bring in more light. Glass mosaics behind the freestanding SMEG range cooker act as an exciting centrepiece amidst clean white cabinets and black, honed granite worktops. A Burmese Teak draining board was incorporated to the right of the large ceramic butler sink. The tatty and chilly 80’s conservatory was transformed with a new solid insulated roof and clean double glazed windows and doors, making it a comfortable year round living space.

Tim Jasper are delighted to be supporting this years National Open Art competition.

Passionate about creativity and giving opportunities to emerging talent we will be following the competition every step of the way. We are especially excited that one of this years judges is Hughie O’Donaghue. An incredibly accomplished artist he holds an MA in fine art from Goldsmiths College and paints beautiful, highly abstracted figures, so his high standards will make for excellent judging.


Painting by Hughie O’Donaghue

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 16.34.55

Our team of super skilled craftsmen have been renovation this 1954 Airstream at the Tim Jasper headquarters. Watch this space for interior shots!

Kos Evans photographs are fantastic on screen but when you see them printed to the scale Kos intended, you are totally blown away. They demand your attention and you are instantly transported to the moment where they were taken. Swept up in the vibrancy of the colours and the pounding of the waves, the images hold so much energy you feel they could pour out of the confines of the frame at any moment. Seeing them up close and personal is a must, so get down to Goodwood before the 12th July for the chance to experience the work.


We have just completed this stunning dressing room for a top secret A-list client. The cabinets light up illuminating the contents, resulting in a light and airy space in the day and a decadent place to get ready in the evening.


We are delighted to announce that world renowned photographer Kos Evans will be exhibiting at the Valdoe Studios from Sunday 5th July – Sunday 19th from 10 to 5 (later by appointment).


For one of her many commissions for Rolex, Kos set out to get one of her signature underwater shots of the world’s largest racing yachts. She dived six metres below the surface and held onto the anchor of one of the buoys used as a racing mark while she focused her Canon camera in a custom-made housing.

But, as the first giant 140ft racing yacht crashed like a shark through the surface, it sucked the buoy and Kos towards its keel and knife–like rudder. “I suddenly stopped shooting to try to pull myself away from the yacht as it came round the mark – the 20ft long lead keel bulb, weighing probably 50 tons, swept right by my hand at 14 knots” she recalls. “It was very frightening”. Kos got the picture and it was used in a worldwide advertising campaign for Rolex but vowed never to attempt an underwater shot like that again during a real yacht race, when there’s no overriding control.


Kos is not easily frightened: she treats dangling out of helicopters on a harness at 100mph, chasing the leaders in powerboat world championships, as just another day at the office. She’s been hoisted up the masts of the tallest yachts in the world including the giant J-Class and even the 208ft mast of the Maltese Falcon, one of the largest and most advanced superyachts in the world. This feisty, petite, bubbly blonde has the adventurous spirit of a stuntwoman and the eye of an artist.

Whilst being an award-winning action sports photographer and amongst the best in the world, Kos always brings an artistic viewpoint to her breathtaking images. “The sea is a constantly moving canvas” and her quest is to capture the most challenging and elusive photographs of her subjects whether a graphic image of the sails of a racing yacht, the rhythmical wave pattern of a powerboat crashing the surface of the sea or an Olympic diver the split second before he breaks the surface. These kinetic images don’t happen by chance – they take a lot of planning.

Predicting the dynamics of a photo-shoot or a fast-moving sports event is as much a mental challenge as a physical one. “You are working on a moving platform shooting a moving subject, add in the waves that are unpredictable and keep crashing over your expensive equipment and you have a challenging mixture. It takes time and experience to work with the elements, to shoot between the troughs of the waves, balance yourself, keep the equipment dry and anticipate ahead of time when the action is going to happen.”



For more information get in touch on 01243 774 411 or info@timjasper.co.uk


We had a fantastic evening on Friday at our bread making & recipe demonstrations with Rosemary Moon and The hungry Guest. Champagne flowed, the canapés were devoured & everyone loved their goody bags which included some Hungry Guest sourdough starter. Our 25 year old display kitchen provided the perfect backdrop for the event and highlighted how durable a Tim Jasper kitchen is.

Get in touch if you would like more news on upcoming events at info@timjasper.co.uk




My work is about the land and is about the figure. The landscapes are a response to where I live and the places I visit: ‘how do we, as individuals, perceive the land?’ ‘Do forests become and extension of the fairy tales we grey up with? ‘Do large sweeps of barren land transport us into a melancholy film we once saw?’ ‘are we immersed in history as we wander along pathways, or seeped in literature as we experience the elements?’ Paintings don’t give us simple answers, they speak a language of ambiguity that each person might interpret differently. The figures sometimes merge with the landscapes creating an air of dissolving the land.



Robert Eadie is a full-time artist specialising in painting in a variety of styles and mediums, including drawing and painting from life (portraiture, landscape and model) and also abstract work. For the past several years he has sold his work through solo exhibitions in central London, and also locally in mixed shows. He is trained to degree level in drawing and painting and awards include the Bateson Mason Drawing prize in 1985 for best life drawing. He lives and works in West Sussex, England.



My great passion in life is animals, especially horses. I have always needed to be close to them and have ridden them all my life. As an artist it was natural that I should endeavour to capture their spirit through painting.













A successful evening raising money for the Bob Champion Cancer Trust.

More examples of Trudy’s work coming soon!

DSC_2285  DSC_2310

As we are always professing our projects are designed for living I thought we would share some images we were sent by a client enjoying her lovely library.


We are delighted to be hosting an exhibition by Robert Eadie here at The Valdoe Studios. The collection titled ‘Spirit of Place’ will be on display to the public from Sunday 8th to Saturday 14th of March between 10am and 7pm.


Robert Eadie studied at Plymouth College of Art, Brighton College of Art and the Byam Shaw School of Art in Kensington where he obtained a degree in drawing and painting in 1985.

A childhood spent on the South Downs led to a deep interest in natural history and also a desire to paint the landscape which has lasted a life-time. Dissatisfied with merely representing specific locations in his work, Robert works from his memory and imagination – using an energetic painting technique – to create striking contemporary paintings which express a unique and personal response to nature.

“I see my work as an attempt to fix feelings in paint, so that each painting becomes a permanent record of my response to the natural world”

Roberts awards include the Bateson Mason Drawing prize for life drawing and has work hanging in the Manhatton ballet school.

art robert eadie

art 3

learn how to capture your dogs personality on canvas on our Paint Your Dog art course.paint your dog




Beautifully handcrafted from Hanex to create a sculptural desk.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of re-designing your kitchen CLICK HERE and have a read of our step by step guide on the Sussex Life website which will give you some tips on how to approach this exciting task!

kitchen design

  • “You have finished the kitchen and it has become such a wonderful room! Thank you for all the advice and thoughts you have put into it, we absolutely love it!”

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