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Cooking up a Concert with Helen Burford

Experience a musical evening with Helen Burford on the piano. Stunning music accompanied by great food.

Menu to follow shortly.

Helen Burford is a critically acclaimed pianist, composer, multi-instrumentalist and musical explorer who is noted for her joyful approach to concert programming and her skilful, exciting playing. Her recitals challenge tradition with combinations of old and new music, jazz, baroque, non-Western and contemporary works programmed in such a way that surprising connections are exposed and older works may be experienced in a new light. As well as the piano, Helen also plays the Indian santoor, harmonium, toy piano and percussion and combines performances on all her instruments in fascinating, progressive and exotic concert programmes. Her solo album ‘BHOOMA’ is due for release later this year and features works by Peter Feuchtwanger, Fazil Say, Bill Evans, Philip Glass, Chick Corea, original compositions and a new commission from Stephen Montague.”

  • “You have finished the kitchen and it has become such a wonderful room! Thank you for all the advice and thoughts you have put into it, we absolutely love it!”