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Get the most from your kitchen with these 3 design solutions

Appliance Cabinets

Coffee machines, food processors, Nutri bullets. We love our appliances and with more gadgets coming to the market we need to find somewhere to put them. The only issue is do we want them cluttering our worktops and distroying the clean, linear flow of the kitchen? The answer is No! We want them tucked away and easily accessible when we need our coffee and toast in the morning. So let me introduce the appliance cabinet. With the option of having a roll down front, bi fold doors, pull out shelves, there are tons of options to keep the kitchen neat.

kitchen design solution

Make Corners Count

Make sure you are using every inch of your kitchen by utilising the corners. Corner cabinets, corner drawers and curved cabinets will all mazimise your space.

top tips - corners

Internal Drawers

Rummaging through larders packed with food and freezer chests where one can only wonder what lies at the bottom can be a thing of the past. Bring drawers into your kitchen design and restore order.

top tips - internal drawers

  • “You have finished the kitchen and it has become such a wonderful room! Thank you for all the advice and thoughts you have put into it, we absolutely love it!”